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Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a trained and certified professional that can help you throughout your pregnancy with education and support, help you with pain during labor, and to help you at home after baby is born?

Mid-Iowa Doulas is a Birth and Postpartum Doula Agency that has trained and Certified Doulas to help women throughout their pregnancy, labor, delivery, and at home after baby is born. 

The "Doula LOVE Grant" was created because many young women go through their pregnancy and birth with little to no support. The "Doula LOVE Grant" ensures that pregnant women in Iowa have access to Doula support, no matter their income. The money that is raised for the "Doula LOVE Grant" is used to pay for a Birth and/or a Postpartum Doula with Mid-Iowa Doulas, for a young woman that is pregnant and wants a Doula, but can't afford one. 

This money can help a young mother with childbirth education, pain relief during labor so that she doesn’t have to use an epidural, lactation support, and help at home after baby is born to decrease her chances of getting postpartum depression.

Imagine how much your wife, sister, mother, or friend could have used a service like this when they had children.

Please consider donating for this great cause!

Candidates that want to apply to receive a Doula from the "Doula LOVE Grant", must apply and meet the guidelines for eligibility. Each awarded "Doula LOVE Grant" is on a case by case basis depending on income, location and funds available in the "Doula LOVE Grant". For an application to apply for the "Doula LOVE Grant", please email

To become a Doula LOVE Donor, you can click the "Donate" tab below, or you can also email Mid-Iowa Doulas owner, Shawna Schmidt, to set up your donation at All of our Doula LOVE Donors will be added to our Donors list below and receive a special thank you!