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We offer the most common basic heated method of placenta encapsulation. This is where the placenta is steamed, dehydrated for 12 hours at 160 degrees, then grinded into a fine powder and put into capsules. We also offer placenta smoothies, tinctures and balms! 

Placenta Encapsulation

Our Placenta Encapsulation Process​

80% of women suffer from baby blues.  Placentophagy: consumption of the placenta, is said to treat and help women avoid the blues all together. In addition to helping balance out postpartum hormonal issues, it can increase milk supply, increase energy, and helps you have an overall smoother recovery. 
Eating the placenta is common in other cultures and even animals eat their placenta. The idea of consuming your own raw placenta may make you squeamish, so a better alternative is available – that is placenta encapsulation – turning your placenta into a pill!
Placenta pills are also known as “happy pills”, and for good reason! 

You may have heard about placenta encapsulation, or this may be the 1st time you’re learning about this service. The placenta encapsulation includes placenta pills, placenta prints and cord keepsake (upon request only). 

What if you could avoid baby blues, support breastmilk production, replenish your body after childbirth, and have the energy to keep up with being a new Mom?