"As a surrogate pregnant with twins and attempting a VBAC, I knew I needed a doula. Shawna's experience with twins and VBACs made her perfect. She checked on me often during the pregnancy and was always available to me when I called or texted. During labor she had many helpful techniques, which made getting through contractions much easier. My husband had not yet arrived when it was time for the epidural and she helped me through that, as well. Even though the doctor let only one person in the delivery room, Shawna waited and was right there when I was a able to come back to the maternity room. I highly recommend Shawna to any woman who would like the support of a doula."  - Brianna, Des Moines, IA

"We LOVE Shawna! She was very attentive from the beginning, meeting with us several times throughout pregnancy. She is a great listener, takes time to explain things and worked well with our vision. Though my labor progressed a bit slower than I had hoped, the experience was as close to what we had imagined as possible and that is all thanks to Shawna’s expertise and care. We decided to hire a doula for two reasons: we wanted our birth experience to be as natural as possible and my husband likes to be helpful in all situations. I don’t have a real high tolerance for pain and despite this being our first child, I suspected my husband may have a hard time through labor and delivery if he didn’t feel like he could help me in a meaningful way.

She gave my husband tips, tasks and most importantly the confidence needed to feel good—they made an AMAZING team. When I needed to make decisions about the realities of labor (pain meds, epidurals, episiotomies, etc), I felt like I was in great hands with my little team. So good that we managed a long labor with some pain meds in the early stages but NO epidural—all credit to the pain management and care that Shawna delivered. Gotta love the hip squeeze! Our little girl came out alert and ready to nurse which is not typically the case with epidural babies. Labor is painful, but I wanted to give my baby the best start to life and breastfeeding. 

Shawna was extremely respectful and appropriate with the hospital staff, a couple of the nurses even asked her to explain some of the techniques and expressed interest in trying them. She also followed up with us at home to talk about breastfeeding, baby massage and belly wrapping.

My husband and I are in complete agreement that our birth experience would not have been what we hoped for without Shawna. She’s worth every penny and more! We feel so blessed and will definitely hire Shawna for our next pregnancy."    -
Julie, Boone, IA

"I was very impressed with how professional and relatable Shawna was. She offered excellent support through my whole labor and delivery process. Having her there to support me made all the difference in me having an empowering vaginal birth after cesarean. I love the plancenta encapsulation service she offers. My experience is that the pills helped increased my milk supply, gave me energy and helped me feel like my normal peaceful happy self. Shawna added huge value. I felt that for what I paid versus what I got it was a steal of a deal!  Having her support makes me look forward to having another baby in the future." -  Rochelle, Humboldt, IA

"Shawna was wonderful. I hired her as my doula for a VBAC. She's very knowledgeable on how to progress labor and spinning babies. She is one of the reasons why I had a successful VBAC. I would recommend her to anyone."  -Rebecca, Fort Dodge, IA 

"Working with Shawna was such a great experience! Her knowledge, expertise and true passion for being a birth doula is evident from the minute you meet her. She always made herself available throughout the pregnancy and did everything she could to answer my (many, many) first-time-mom questions. She was always quick to respond, very understanding and had a solution for just about everything. 
Shawna was INCREDIBLE during labor and delivery. She knew exactly what to do to help me progress and exacty when to do it. She kept me calm and focused on the end result. Shawna also helped my husband coach me through the hardest parts of labor and kept him involved when she took over. There is no way we would've been able to carryout our natural birth plan without her.
After delivery, Shawna stayed in touch with us to see how we were doing. She offered guidance and advice on breastfeeding, bathing and sleeping. She also provided pictures from the delivery that I will cherish forever! 
You cannot go wrong working with Shawna. She will help make your pregnancy, labor and delivery exactly what you dreamed and more. We will be working with Shawna again for our next child!"- Courtney, Des Moines, IA

Posted 12/30/2017

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"When I first met Shawna for our initial consultation, I felt like I'd known her for a lifetime. As a first time mother, I was Terrified of the labor and delivery process. She made me feel at ease, relax, stay positive & enjoy my entire pregnancy. She always contacted me to make sure I was doing OK. She made me feel special and important. Her knowledge, professionalism, and compassionate nature completely blew us away. Shawna Genuinely cared about me, my well-being, baby and family. She stayed with us through the entire labor which was Very Long. There's no way I would have made it through without her emotional and physical support. They are bar none. She is also very creative. The lady bug belly casting and photography of us at the hospital and of our little girl Hayden is Absolutely Amazing. Shawna isn't just a Doula, she became a lifelong friend and part of our family. I can not wait to work with her again for our second child. I am so Grateful & it was truly a Blessing to have Shawna as our Doula. She's the Best! Thank you SO Much for such a Wonderful Experience."  -  Heidi, Webster City, IA

"I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical when my wife told me she wanted to hire Doula.  I really didn't think we needed to spend the extra money, but she convinced me. After interviewing 4 or 5 Douglas, we met Shawna and to be honest, after hearing her talk for only 10 minutes, I was convinced that if my wife insisted we have to have a Doula, I was sold on Shawna. We both couldn't have had a better experience!  Shawna went well above and beyond for us and you can really tell she has a passion for what she does.  Shawna was able to answer all questions we had and walked us through everything!  It really took a lot off our shoulders. The way that she coached not only my wife, but me as well during the labor was absolutely perfect and I honestly don't think things could have went more smooth! If we have more kids, (and we won't be) lol, but u would definitely hire Shawna every time!  I absolutely recommend hiring Shawna.  You will be glad you did!"  - Brandon, Ankeny, IA

"I was really skeptical about my wife having a doula. I didn't know what they were & really didn't want anyone but myself and my wife in there while we had our baby. But after meeting Shawna and my wife really wanting her to be there, I said ok. Thank God I did. Shawna stepped right in and gave my wife emotional support, did exercises & walked with her, she even did her hair and makeup. She was there the entire time. When we didn't know what was going on Shawna would explain everything to me & my wife. Both of us even held my wife's legs while she was pushing & Shawna held a mirror so my wife could see our daughter being born. The 3 of us made a Great team. I'm Really Glad Shawna was our Doula. We plan on having her again if we have another baby."   - Chuck, Webster City, IA

"Shawna was the best choice we could have made for my delivery. This was our first child so I had lots of fears, questions and anxiety about the whole process. I met and interviewed several doulas before I met shawna and didn't really click or trust any of them. My husband was on the fence about having a doula but I insisted on having one. The second I met Shawna it was such a relief. She is professional, comforting, and very knowledgeable. She has a packet put together to make it easier to review all the choices. I had a high risk pregnancy and needed someone able to understand all my medical issues in case something happened. shawna took the time to understand and memorize all my medical background. This also helped take the pressure off my husband to remember everything in a stressful situation. shawna went above and beyond the call of duty by being available 24/7 for all the questions I had, she was so supportive and encouraging. I really appreciated the 2 prenatal appointment. It helped ease my nerves and have a "game plan". I ended up having to be medically induced and was in labor for a total of 46 hours. Shawna was at the hospital with me everyday, doing massage, distracting me with conversation, walks, make up, and much more until they decided to speed things up. She was encouraging for myself and my husband (plus could give him a break). Shawna also thought and remembered all the little details we had discussed that I forgot about. I ended up having medical complications and she was able to keep my husband and I calm and was almost a translator for what the doctor was telling us. I delivered a healthy girl and Shawns stayed around long after to take pictures and help pack up the room. The post partum visits were equally as helpful. I was in so much pain afterwards she helped me with the pump and baby massage (my daughter loves it). I highly recommend Shawna and her services and don't know how we could have done it without her."  - Allyson, Ankeny, IA

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